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fxapom 1.10.1

Mozilla Firefox Accounts Page Object Model

Selenium WebDriver compatible page-object model and utilities for Firefox Accounts


This package contains a utility to create a test Firefox Account on either the dev or prod instance of Firefox Accounts, as well as a set of page objects that can be used to interact with Firefox Accounts’ sign in screens.


python develop

If running on a Mac, you may need the following before running the above command:

pip install cryptography


To create a test Firefox Account, simply create an instance of the FxATestAccount object. You can pass the url for the Firefox Accounts API server into the constructor or, if you know you want to create a development Account, you can omit that argument.

There are two constants available to you to specify the url for either the development environment or the production environment, which are:

  • fxapom.DEV_URL - the url for the development environment
  • fxapom.PROD_URL - the url for the production environment

Example of creating an account on the development environment, using the default:

from fxapom.fxapom import FxATestAccount
account = FxATestAccount()

Example of creating an account on the development environment, specifying the DEV_URL:

from fxapom.fxapom import DEV_URL, FxATestAccount
account = FxATestAccount(DEV_URL)

To sign in via Firefox Accounts, use the sign_in method in the WebDriverFxA object, passing in the email address and password:

from fxapom.fxapom import WebDriverFxA
fxa = WebDriverFxA(selenium)
fxa.sign_in(email_address, password)

Note that we are passing selenium into the constructor of WebDriverFxA, which it then uses to interact with the Firefox Accounts web pages.

To create an account and then use it to sign in, use both tools described above:

from fxapom.fxapom import FxATestAccount, WebDriverFxA
account = FxATestAccount()
fxa = WebDriverFxA(selenium)
fxa.sign_in(, account.password)

Running The Tests

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
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