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gacli 1.0.1

Google Authentication command line tools

Latest Version: 1.0.3


``gacli`` was created for used with google-authenticator_. Thankfully, TOTP_ is
an open standard so ``gacli`` may have additional applications.

The ``ga`` command line utility provides convenient access to TOTP verification
codes: ::

usage: ga [-h] [-d] [-f FILE]

Copy newline terminated TOTP verification code to Mac OS X clipboard.

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-d, --debug print debug information
-f FILE, --file FILE Secret file

The debug option continually prints verification codes instead of copying a
single code to the clipboard.

.. _google-authenticator:
.. _TOTP:


This application assumes you have secured your local computer disk or filesystem
encryption. ``gacli`` is only safe **with encryption**:

- `OS X: About FileVault 2`_
- `EncryptedFilesystems - Community Ubuntu Documentation`_

.. _`OS X: About FileVault 2`:
.. _`EncryptedFilesystems - Community Ubuntu Documentation`:


Choose *either* of the following installation methods:

1. `Simple Global`_
2. `VirtualEnv and User Bin`_ (recommended)

Simple Global

1. Install the pip python module, if you have not already done so.

- `Installation -- pip documentation`_

2. Install the gacli python module: ::

sudo pip install gacli

VirtualEnv and User Bin

This installation method has the following requirements:

- Your ``PATH`` includes ``~/bin``
- virtualenv_ Python module is installed
- virtualenvwrapper_ Python module is installed


1. Create a new gacli virtualenv and install the gacli python module: ::

mkvirtualenv -i gacli gacli

2. Symlink ``ga`` to home bin: ::

ln -s $(which ga) ~/bin/

.. _`Installation -- pip documentation`:
.. _virtualenv:
.. _virtualenvwrapper:


1. See `Security`_
2. Copy the secret key from the first line of your ``.google_authenticator``
and put in ``~/.ga``
3. ``chmod 0400 ~/.ga``


* mac-ssh-confirm_: Protect against SSH Agent Hijacking on Mac OS X with the
ability to confirm agent identities prior to each use

.. _mac-ssh-confirm:


- Linux or Mac OS X

- Linux utilizes ``xclip`` or ``xsel``.
- Mac OS X utilizes ``pbcopy``

- onetimepass_

.. _onetimepass:


- `LICENSE.txt`_ (`MIT License`_)

.. _`LICENSE.txt`:
.. _`MIT License`:  
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