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galpy 1.0

Galactic Dynamics in python


**Galactic Dynamics in python**


Jo Bovy - bovy at ias dot edu

See `AUTHORS.txt
<https:"" jobovy="" galpy="" blob="" master="" authors.txt="">`__ for a
full list of contributors.

If you find this code useful in your research, please let me
know. **If you use galpy in a publication, please cite** `Bovy (2015)
<http:"" ~bovy="" galpy-paper.html="">`__ **and link to** Please also send me a reference to
the paper or send a pull request including your paper in the list of
galpy papers on `this page
<http:"" en="" latest=""/>`__ (this page is at
doc/source/index.rst). Thanks!


The latest documentation can be found `here <http:"" en="" latest=""/>`__. An alternative that is kept up-to-date less frequently is `here <http:"" galpy="">`__.


This package requires `Numpy <http:""/>`__, `Scipy <http:""/>`__, and `Matplotlib <http:""/>`__. Certain advanced features require the GNU Scientific Library (`GSL <http:"" software="" gsl=""/>`__)


If you find *any* bug in the code, please report these using the `Issue Tracker <http:"" jobovy="" galpy="" issues="">`__ or by emailing the maintainer of the code.


Some development notes can be found on the `wiki
<http:"" jobovy="" galpy="" wiki=""/>`__. This includes a list of
small and larger extensions of galpy that would be useful `here
<http:"" jobovy="" galpy="" wiki="" possible-galpy-extensions="">`__ as
well as a longer-term roadmap `here
<http:"" jobovy="" galpy="" wiki="" roadmap="">`__. Please let the main
developer know if you need any help contributing!


The dehnendf and shudf disk distribution functions can be corrected to
follow the desired surface-mass density and radial-velocity-dispersion
profiles more closely (see `1999AJ....118.1201D
<http:"" abs="" 1999aj....118.1201d="">`__). Calculating
these corrections is expensive, and a large set of precalculated
corrections can be found `here
<http:"" downloads="" jobovy="" galpy="" galpy-dfcorrections.tar.gz="">`__
\[tar.gz archive\]. Install these by downloading them and unpacking them into the galpy/df_src/data directory before running the installation. E.g.,

.. code-block:: none

curl -O
tar xvzf galpy-dfcorrections.tar.gz -C ./galpy/df_src/data/  
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galpy-1.0.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-12-10 258KB
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