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ganessa 1.8.9

Python interface to Piccolo and Picalor simulation kernel

Piccolo5/Piccolo6/Picalor6 Python API calling interface

What is it?
A python package enabling users to call a set of Picwin32.dll or Ganessa_SIM.dll API functions and subroutines within python scripts.

:Windows only:

pip install ganessa


#) python requirements: numpy 1.7 or above
#) Piccolo or Picalor kernel library (picwin32.dll), starting from version 5 (141203)
#) valid Piccolo or Picalor license

This tool requires Picwin32.dll to be in the PATH or in one of the following folders:
[ C: or D: ] / ['Program Files/Adelior/Piccolo5_' or
'Program Files (x86)/Gfi Progiciels/Piccolo6_' or
'Program Files (x86)/Gfi Progiciels/Picalor6_']
'Program Files (x86)/Safege/Ganessa_']
+ ['fr' or 'uk' or 'esp' or 'eng']

Or one of Ganessa_SIM.dll or Ganessa_TH.dll in:
[ C: or D: ] / ['Program Files (x86)/Safege/Ganessa_']
+ ['fr' or 'uk' or 'esp' or 'eng']


The package provides:
#) 'sim' package:
- a few basic functions for reading or loading a model, running simulations
- 'getter' functions for individual objects and attributes, time series vectors, attribute vector of all object
- iterators over links, nodes, tanks, demands, and tables, or over Piccolo selections
#) 'th' package: same functions except running extended period simulations and time series getters
#) 'util' package: miscellaneous functions
#) 'OpenFileMMI' provides classes for opening dialog frame for a .dat/.bin model file, and output (result) file
#) 'sort' provides a heapsort based on heapq
#) 'midfile' provides minimal mif/mid functions similar to shp/dbf shapefile handler (pyshp package)
#) 'epanet' provides epanet2 python API (thanks to Assela Pathirana - mailto: for win32
similar to EpanetTools-0.4.0
#) 'parallel' provides a simple parallel simulations handling framework based on multiprocessing.

Model object and parameters can be modified using Piccolo command language (see cmd, cmdfile and execute)
A documentation is provided as pyGanessa.html in the intallation folder.

History of the document
Created 2013-07-04
Revised 2015-05-03: since 2014-12-04 Picwin32.dll is compatible with this API
Revised 2016-07-07: provided as .rst
Revised 2017-08-08: install using pip; Piccolo/Ganessa dll folder search order.
Revised 2017-09-12: split sim into core, core_sim, core_th
Revised 2017-11-13: added sort, midfile, epanet modules
Revised 2017-11-30: added parallel

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ganessa-1.8.9-cp27-cp27m-win32.whl (md5) Python Wheel cp27 2018-02-13 2MB