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gapy 0.0.9

Painless Google Analytics

Latest Version: 1.3.4

Gapy is a thin service account client for Google Analytics.

Get set up

First you need to create either a service account or client ID in your [Google API Console]( If you’re authenticating as a service account you’ll need to download your private key. If you’re authenticating as a web or installed application you’ll need to download your client secrets file (Download JSON in API Access list).

Then just create a gapy client and start querying. Ids, metrics and dimensions are provided without the ga: prefix. They can be provided as lists or single values.

import gapy.client

# For a service account
client = gapy.client.from_private_key(
    "your account name",
    private_key="your private key",

# For a web or installed application
client = gapy.client.from_secrets_file(

reach_data = client.query.get("12345",
            datetime(2012, 1, 1),
            datetime(2012, 2, 2),
            ["visits", "visitors"],
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