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gchart 0.0.2

A flexible Google Chart API wrapper


A flexible Google Chart API wrapper.


from gchart import gchart
chart_class = gchart.corechart.PieChartFactory(some_piechart_option='foo')
chart = chart_class(
[("name", "string"), ("no. of donuts eaten", "number")],
[("Joe", 3), ("Bob", 5), ("Helen", 9)],
another_piechart_option = "bar"

The you can call `chart.initialize_html()` and `chart.render_html()`...

Note that because `corechart` and `PieChartFactory` are created dynamically, you cannot write:

from gchart.gchart.corechart import PieChartFactory

Instead, you may do something like:

import gchart
PieChartFactory = gchart.gchart.corechart.PieChartFactory
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gchart-0.0.2.tar.gz (md5) Source 2012-08-14 2KB