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gclouddatastore 0.1.2

API Client library for Google Cloud Datastore

# Google Cloud Datastore

## Incredibly quick demo

You need a few packages, so take a look at requirements.txt and pip install them.

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

Then you should be all set to run the demo…

$ python demo/

## Doing this on your own

### Create a project

  • Visit
  • Click the big red button that says “Create Project”.
  • In the name box, pick something friendly.
  • In the ID box, pick something unique to you (ie, jgatsby-storage).

### Enable the Cloud Datastore

  • Click on APIs & Auth, and scroll down to Google Cloud Datastore API.
  • Click the “Off” button on the right to turn it into an “On” :)

### Enable a Service Account

  • Click on Credentials (under APIs & Auth).
  • Under the OAuth section (the first one) click the big red button that says “Create New Client ID”.
  • Choose Service Account, and click the blue button “Create Client ID”.
  • This will automatically download a private key, don’t lose this.
  • Rename this key something shorter… like “jgatsby-storage.key”.
  • Copy the long weird e-mail address (it’s labeled “E-mail address” in the information for the service account you just created).

### Add some demo data (manually)

  • Click on Cloud Datastore towards the bottom.
  • Click the big red button that says “Create Entity”.
  • Leave Namespace alone (should be in the default one).
  • For Kind, type in “Thing”.
  • Leave Key set to ID (this will automatically pick a numeric ID for you).
  • In the first textbox, type in “name” (this is like one of the columns in a regular database).
  • Leave it as a string, and indexed.
  • For the value, type in “Computer”.
  • Click “Create Entity”.

What you just did there is add an entity that equates to a Python object you’d construct like… Thing(name=’Computer’).

Feel free to add another Thing. Maybe a “Beer”? And a “Desk”?

### Write some code

You can use demo/ as a reference.

import gclouddatastore

CLIENT_EMAIL = ‘<the e-mail address you copied>’ KEY_PATH = ‘./jgatsby-storage.key’ # Make this the path to the key that auto-downloaded.

connection = gclouddatastore.get_connection(
‘jgatsby-storage’, # Make this the project ID you picked before. CLIENT_EMAIL, KEY_PATH)

# This will print out all the Thing’s you created. print connection.query(‘Thing’).fetch()

### Yay, you’re done

Go build cool stuff :)

## Hmm, that’s not on the Google Cloud website…

You might notice that the other tutorials are a bit different. This introduction is focused on you, on your home computer, with no interest at all in using Google Compute Engine.

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