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generic-request-signer 0.3.2

A python library for signing http requests.

I simple utility to sign http requests given some private key

To run the python tests

  1. pip install -r requirements/test.txt
  2. nosetests

To run the example using flask

  1. pip install -r requirements/example.txt
  2. python
  3. open a browser and point to http://localhost:5000/

After you invoke the GET request above you should see a request in the terminal

GET /verify?__client_id=example&username=foo&password=bar&__signature=somestrangestuffhere

This shows the client in action but at this time our example does not truly verify the signed request

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
generic-request-signer-0.3.2.tar.gz (md5) Source 2015-04-03 11KB