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gerritexec 2.2.0

Run a command when a gerrit patchset is created


gerritexec is a command line tool listening to gerrit on a designated project. On each new patchset, (or when a comment contains recheck no bug or run gerritexec) it will:

  • git clone the project
  • git pull the patchset
  • cd in the git tree and run a script
  • positively review the patchset ( +1 ) if the program exit(0)
  • negatively review the patchset ( -1 ) otherwise


Positively review all patchsets in the stackforge/puppet-ceph project:

gerritexec --hostname \
           --username puppetceph \
           --script 'true' \
           --project stackforge/puppet-ceph

Run the integration tests found in the git tree of the stackforge/puppet-ceph project:

gerritexec --hostname \
           --username puppetceph \
           --script 'bundle exec rake spec:system' \
           --project stackforge/puppet-ceph


  • Get the code : git clone
  • Run the tests : tox
  • Tag a version
  • edit the version field of setup.cfg
  • git tag -a -m ‘whatever’ 2.1.1
  • git push –tags
  • Check the documentation : rst2html < README.rst > /tmp/a.html
  • Publish
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
gerritexec-2.2.0.tar.gz (md5, pgp) Source 2014-06-28 18KB