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gettup 0.1

A command-line file sharing utility for

Latest Version: 0.3.0

GettUp is a simple command line utility which lets you share and upload files to the []( sharing service quickly and easily.

## Installation GettUp is distributed as a python package. Do the following to install

` sh sudo pip install gettup OR sudo easy_install gettup OR # download source and cd to it sudo python install `

## Usage 1. Make an account on []( 2. Obtain an api key by [creating an app]( 3. Run the application. The app will ask for your credentials the first the app is run.

`sh $ gett Please enter your email: Please enter your password: verysecurepassword Please enter your API KEY: supersecretapikey Validating credentials ... Credentials verified  ... Fetching shares ... 1 file(s) in share: 5d1ctaB1 ( 1 file(s) in share: 8BSfsaB1 ( 1 file(s) in share: 93hTsaB1 ( 2 file(s) in share: 1m4yqaB1 ( `

## Upgrade To upgrade GettUp run the following command `sh sudo pip install -U Markdown ` ## License Gettup is released under the MIT license.

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gettup-0.1.tar.gz (md5) Source 2013-12-28 1KB
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