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gickup 1.0

Automatic git backup script for multiple repositories

This is a script for backing up multiple git repos, keeping local timestamped copies of all available branches.


  • Save state of all remote branches into local branches by current date/time
  • Keep track of backed up repositories, automatic batch backup of all known repos
  • Configure repository “indices”
    • Scan servers for git repos to auto-add them (using ssh find)
    • Scan github user for repos to auto-add them

How to use

# Add new repo to backup list manually
gickup addrepo ssh://
gickup addrepo
gickup addrepo /some/local/path

# Optionally specify a target directory
gickup addrepo ssh:// /target/dir

# Add github users / ssh server to watch for new repos
gickup addindex --type github user
gickup addindex github://anotheruser
gickup addindex

# Then scan for unknown repos
gickup updaterepolist

# Or scan without configuring
gickup updaterepolist --type github user
gickup updaterepolist

# Now do a backup of all known repos
gickup dobackup

# ... or a specific one
gickup dobackup /local/backup/path


formatstring used to save remote branches into (backup/<date>/<name>)
directory where backups will be located by default
configured repos and respective backup directories
tuples of server-url (with user part) and server-path which will be scanned for new repos by updaterepolist.
a list of github usernames which will be scanned for new repos by updaterepolist.

Why “Gickup”?

Well, every project needs a name and beat me to the obvious one.

On this occasion: Thank you to the one who gave me the suggestion.


Gickup is licensed under the AGPLv3 or later, see LICENSE.txt.

Apart from that I’m open to discussion. If you need a different license feel free to contact me.

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