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git-count 0.1.3

It counts commits in each day, week, month or year.

It provides a command, git-count, that can count commits in a Git repository in each day, week, month or year.


It is uploaded to PyPI, thus you can install it by this command:

# pip install git-count

You also can install it from the source code:

# python install

For newest version, please visit the GitHub of git-count.


Count the commits which is created by mosky:

DESKTOP ~/mosql (dev) $ git count mosky
2013-06-03  20
2013-05-27  108
2013-05-20  117
2013-05-13  0
2013-05-06  3
2013-04-29  0
2013-04-22  37
2013-04-15  83

Count the commits created by mosky and in 3 months:

DESKTOP ~/mosql (dev) $ git count mosky -pm -n3
2013-06-01  23
2013-05-01  225
2013-04-01  153

Count all of the commits in 5 days and in a given range:

DESKTOP ~/mosql (dev) $ git count -r -pd -n5
2013-06-06  0
2013-06-05  5
2013-06-04  11
2013-06-03  4
2013-06-02  0


DESKTOP ~/mosql (dev) $ git-count --help
usage: [-a | --author=<str>] [-p | --period=<str>] [-f | --first=<str>] [-n | --number=<int>] [-r | --range=<str>] [-t | --paths=<str>] [--no-all] [--merges] [--<key>=<value>...]
   or: count [-a | --author=<str>] [-p | --period=<str>] [-f | --first=<str>] [-n | --number=<int>] [-r | --range=<str>] [-t | --paths=<str>] [--no-all] [--merges] [--<key>=<value>...]

It counts the commits in a Git repository.

    -a, --author=<str>  Specify an author.
    -p, --period=<str>  Specify the period: daily (d), weekly (w), monthly
                        (m) or yearly (y). Default is weekly.
    -f, --first=<str>   Specify the first day of weeks: monday (mon), sunday
                        (sun), saturday (sat). Default is monday.
    -n, --number=<int>  How many periods?
    -r, --range=<str>   Specify the range, ex.
    -t, --paths=<str>   Specify the paths, ex. .gitignore.
    --not-all           Count the commits in current branch only.
    --merges            Include the merge commits.

The other arguments will be passed to the command, ``git log``.
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
git-count-0.1.3.tar.gz (md5) Source 2013-06-27 4KB