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git-qdiff 0.2

Bzr tool's qdiff for git

Latest Version: 0.2.2


So you miss `bzr qdiff` ?

Of course you do ! Why would you be here ?


$ sudo pip install --upgrade git-qdiff


- git (1.7.11+)
- bazaar
- qbzr tools
- rsync


Once installed, you should be able to use this command from any git repository:

$ git qdiff

And this should launch your favorite difftool:


Of course you can use the same notation as you would with `git diff`:

# Show both staged and unstaged changes
$ git qdiff HEAD

# Using tilde and carrets
$ git qdiff HEAD~2..HEAD~3

# Between commits
$ git qdiff 53c43de..7c70faf

# Before merging branches
$ git qdiff origin/master...my_feature_branch

# ...

Known problem

- `Refresh` button won't work

Before reporting an issue, please check that your `bzr qdiff` tool works well
and that you can actually commit something with bazaar.


### tig

For those using [tig]( here's a handy shortcut bound to `D` key.
Add this to your `.gitconfig`:

[tig "bind"]
generic = D !git qdiff %(commit)~1..%(commit)

*Note: Don't try this on the "unstaged changes" line in tig's log view*


This software is licensed under the MIT license  
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