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git-review 1.24

Tool to submit code to Gerrit

Latest Version: 1.26.0

A git command for submitting branches to Gerrit

git-review is a tool that helps submitting git branches to gerrit for review.


By default, git-review will look for a remote named ‘gerrit’ for working with Gerrit. If the remote exists, git-review will submit the current branch to HEAD:refs/for/master at that remote.

If the Gerrit remote does not exist, git-review looks for a file called .gitreview at the root of the repository with information about the gerrit remote. Assuming that file is present, git-review should be able to automatically configure your repository the first time it is run.

The name of the Gerrit remote is configurable; see the configuration section below.


Hack on some code, then:

git review

If you want to submit that code to a branch other than “master”, then:

git review branchname

If you want to submit to a different remote:

git review -r my-remote

If you want to supply a review topic:

git review -t topic/awesome-feature

If you want to submit a branch for review and then remove the local branch:

git review -f

If you want to skip the automatic “git rebase -i” step:

git review -R

If you want to download change 781 from gerrit to review it:

git review -d 781

If you want to download patchset 4 for change 781 from gerrit to review it:

git review -d 781,4

If you want to compare patchset 4 with patchset 10 of change 781 from gerrit:

git review -m 781,4-10

If you just want to do the commit message and remote setup steps:

git review -s

.gitreview file format

Example .gitreview file (used to upload for git-review itself):


Required values: host, project

Optional values: port (default: 29418), defaultbranch (default: master), defaultremote (default: gerrit).


  • Username is not required because it is requested on first run
  • Unlike git config files, there cannot be any whitespace before the name of the variable.
  • Upon first run, git-review will create a remote for working with Gerrit, if it does not already exist. By default, the remote name is ‘gerrit’, but this can be overridden with the ‘defaultremote’ configuration option.
  • You can specify different values to be used as defaults in ~/.config/git-review/git-review.conf or /etc/git-review/git-review.conf.


git-review has a custom hook mechanism to run a script before certain actions. This is done in the same spirit as the classic hooks in git.

There are two types of hooks, a global one which is stored in ~/.config/git-review/hooks/ and one local to the repository stored in .git/hooks/ with the other git hook scripts.

The script needs be executable before getting executed

The name of the script is $action-review where action can be :

  • pre - run at first before doing anything.
  • post - run at the end after the review was sent.
  • draft - run when in draft mode.

if the script returns with an exit status different than zero, git-review will exit with the a custom shell exit code 71.


Install with pip install git-review

For installation from source simply add git-review to your $PATH after installing the dependencies listed in requirements.txt

Running tests

Running tests for git-review means running a local copy of Gerrit to check that git-review interacts correctly with it. This requires the following :

  • a Java Runtime Environment on the machine to run tests on
  • Internet access to download the gerrit.war file, or a locally cached copy (it needs to be located in a .gerrit directory at the top level of the git-review project)

To run git-review integration tests the following commands may by run:

tox -e py27
tox -e py26
tox -e py32
tox -e py33

depending on what Python interpreter would you like to use.


To get the latest code, see:

Bugs are handled at:

There is a mailing list at:

Code reviews, as you might expect, are handled by gerrit at:

Use git review to submit patches (after creating a gerrit account that links to your launchpad account). Example:

# Do your commits
git review
# Enter your username if prompted
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