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git-tessera 0.00.03

manage your issues in your repository

# tessera

The most simple git based ticketing system.

We believe that:

  • Issues belong to the code. Point.
  • A powerful system can be build with minimum effort
  • Simplicity is the solution to our complex environment.

If you want to

  • get rid of loosing your tickets because of changing the issue management system
  • let your issues flow with your branches and patches
  • have documented your issues with your code
  • have a real unique and persistent issue id
  • a shaXX save documented issue system

... take a look at tessera.

License: GPL Version: 0.00.01

## Installation

`bash git clone tessera cd tessera python install `

## Usage

`bash cd my_favorite_git_project git tessera init git tessera create my first ticket git tessera ls git tessera edit <tessera-id> ` ## Development

We recommend you to develop git-tessera inside a virtualenv, since the dependencies can be managed much easier and no unwanted packages installed somewhere on the system are involved.

` virtualenv tessera-env --no-site-packages `

Note: the `--no-site-packages` option is only used for older versions of virtualenv. In newer versions it's default anyway but it is not a problem to use this option at all!

Activate the virtualenv with:

` . tessera-env/bin/activate `

and deactivate it with:

` deactivate `

Now you can install all dependencies with the requirements.txt file:

` pip install -r requirements.txt `

After this command you can see the control with the pip freeze command

` $ pip freeze argparse==1.2.1 colorful==0.01.02 dulwich==0.9.4 funky==0.0.2 git-tessera==0.00.01 gittle==0.2.2 mimer==0.0.1 paramiko==1.10.0 pycrypto==2.6 wsgiref==0.1.2 `

Install git-tessera with the script inside the virtualenv:

` python install `

If you install git-tessera without installing the dependencies from the requirements.txt file the needed packages will be installed with the script!

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