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gitbit 1.0

Git automator written in bash and wrapped in python


Run the program from terminal as:

gitbit <option> <directory>

<option> can be either be left blank to do an Add->Commit->Push to the master branch or it can be:

-s for status

-l for log

-r for hard reset

-i for initialization

-c for clone

-p for pulling from master branch

<directory> can either be a relative or an absolute directory OR it can be left blank to run the package in the pwd(Present Working Directory)


gitbit -i ~/Documents/abc #Results in the directory abc/ being initialized as a git repo

gitbit -l #Will display the git log of the pwd

gitbit -c #Will prompt for a url and then clone that repo in the pwd

gitbit -p ~/Documents/Code #Will pull your code from the remote repo into the local git repo

gitbit #Will add, commit, push everything in the pwd to its remote repo