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gitcheck 0.3

Check multiple git repository in one pass

If you working in multiples projects, you want can be analyzed in a single pass of the changes in your projects. gitcheck is script who scan recursive directory to find a git directory and analyse all modifications.


pip install git+git://

Examples utilizations

Simple version

In simple version, it show for each repositories if you have modification not committed and or commits not pushed.

Gitcheck simple

Gitcheck simple

Verbose version

Substantially identical to the previous version, in bonus, it print who files modified and commits not pushed

> -v
Gitcheck verbose

Gitcheck verbose


-v, --verbose                     Show files & commits
-r, --remote                      also check with the remote
-b, --bell                        bell on action needed
-w <sec>, --watch <sec>           after displaying, wait <sec> and run again
-i <re>, --ignore-branch <re>     ignore branches matching the regex <re>
-d <dir>, --dir                   Search <dir> for repositories

French version is available here

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