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gitcheck 0.3

Check multiple git repository in one pass


If you working in multiples projects, you want can be analyzed in a
single pass of the changes in your projects. gitcheck is script who scan
recursive directory to find a git directory and analyse all



pip install git+git://

Examples utilizations

Simple version

In simple version, it show for each repositories if you have
modification not committed and or commits not pushed.

.. code:: bash


.. figure::
:alt: Gitcheck simple

Gitcheck simple

Verbose version

Substantially identical to the previous version, in bonus, it print who
files modified and commits not pushed

.. code:: bash

> -v

.. figure::
:alt: Gitcheck verbose

Gitcheck verbose


.. code:: plaintext

-v, --verbose Show files & commits
-r, --remote also check with the remote
-b, --bell bell on action needed
-w <sec>, --watch <sec> after displaying, wait <sec> and run again
-i <re>, --ignore-branch <re> ignore branches matching the regex <re>
-d <dir>, --dir Search <dir> for repositories

French version is available here