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gitdata 0.0.2

Storage the data files in ssh servers

Storage the data files (images, data test) in remote ssh servers. In git only save a register of necessary files to current commit.

.gitdata file

SHA1 path remote_ssh:ssh_port


96e93e946f7fd810b167e34561c489ce067d7ef1 data/data2.txt
c00214008bcd3fe1f5beccdf1a63d15b158bf0b3 data/data1.txt user@server:tmp/
7a7a91f5c2b5bc1f4d294de5a6166abec5364d15 data/data0.txt user@server:tmp/:1234


pip install gitdata


Add to .gitdata file, SHA-1 and path of files contained in the directory.:

git data -a directory

Show modified files, files with modified SHA-1:

git data status

Files with ssh column are pushed to remote ssh server:

git data -p

Files with ssh column are pulled from remote ssh server, the version download is respective to the current SHA-1 in .gitdata file.:

git data -u

Show files stored in the .gitdata file:

git data -l
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
gitdata-0.0.2.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-07-21 3KB
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