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github-release-notifier 0.1.4

Github Notifier

Latest Version: 0.2.2

This program will allow you to be notified of Github new releases


pip3 install github-release-notifier


usage: github-release-notifier [-h] [--action {cron,subscribe,unsubscribe}] [--package PACKAGE]
              [--webhook WEBHOOK] [--uuid UUID]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --action {cron,subscribe,unsubscribe}, -a {cron,subscribe,unsubscribe}
                        Action to do (default: cron)
  --package PACKAGE, -p PACKAGE
                        Github package name / url (required for
                        subscribe/unsubscribe) - prints uuid on subscription
  --webhook WEBHOOK, -w WEBHOOK
                        URL to your webhook (required for
  --uuid UUID, -u UUID  UUID of your webhook (required for unsubscribe)


First, I register my webhook :

github-release-notifier --action subscribe --webhook --package jaymoulin/google-music-manager

an UUID is printed. this UUID will be required to unsubscribe the webhook.

When jaymoulin/google-music-manager releases a new version, will be called with HTTP verb POST and body, a JSON like this :

    "date": [2017, 11, 13, 19, 46, 35, 0, 317, 0],
    "version": "0.7.2",
    "title": "Fixes split modules",
    "content": "",
    "media": "",
    "author": "jaymoulin"
    "package_name": "jaymoulin/google-music-manager"

For this to happen, the system should check if a new version have been released. We can do that by calling github-release-notifier without any parameter or setting –action to cron (which is default).

To automate this process, we could add this process in a cronjob:

(crontab -l ; echo "0 0 * * * github-release-notifier") | sort - | uniq - | crontab -

This will check every day at midnight if new versions have been released.

Docker Usage

First run the daemon

docker run --name GRN -d femtopixel/github-release-notifier

you can mount a volume to /root/.github_release_notifier/ to keep tracks of webhooks and versions


docker run --name GRN -d -v /path/to/your/saves:/root/.github_release_notifier/ femtopixel/github-release-notifier

Then register your webhook :

docker exec GRN -a subscribe -p jaymoulin/google-music-manager -w

Submitting bugs and feature requests

Bugs and feature request are tracked on GitHub


Jay MOULIN See also the list of contributors which participated in this program.


Github Release Notifier is licensed under the MIT License

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