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gitime 1.1a

Build an invoice with your tasks and hours worked from your commit messages

Latest Version: 1.0.1

Keep track of your billable hours along with your commits. Gitime lets you build an invoice with your tasks and hours worked from your commit messages.

Read the docs for more details

Simple Usage

Set your hourly rate:

$ gitime set -r 50

Start a new invoice:

$ gitime invoice -n "Awesome Secret Project"

Time how long you’ve been working:

$ gitime timer start

Make a commit as you would normally, but on the commit step, use gitime instead of git:

$ git add feature.c
$ gitime commit -m "Added a really cool thing"
$ git push

Or, if you don’t like timers, record the time yourself with the –hours flag:

$ gitime commit -m "Proved Riemann Hypothesis" --hours 2

Look at your invoice:

$ gitime status
On invoice Awesome Secret Project
Total time worked: 3 hours
Total charges:     $150.00
07-21-2014         1 hours         Added a really cool thing
07-22-2014         2 hours         Proved Riemann Hypothesis

When it’s time to bill, export your invoice to a spreadsheet. Currently, the only format available is csv. More formats are coming soon:

$ gitime export


You’ll need two things installed to use gitime:

Install the latest release with:

$ pip install gitime --pre

Or install the development version with:

$ git clone
$ cd gitime
$ python install


The MIT License

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
gitime-1.1a.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-07-22 9KB