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gitorg 0.8.0

Use git for organizations!


Organise your git repositories easily. GitOrg aims to be your git for repositories.


pip install gitorg


GitOrg creates a repository of repositories locally. These repositories are composed of expressions that translate to actual git repositories.

All expressions are composed of a protocol that helps gitorg understand how to retrieve a list of repositories and a pattern to generate those.

Some valid expressions are:

  • web: Will clone locally gitorg repository
  • github:mariocj89: All repositories belonging to mariocj89 user.
  • local:/home/mariocj89/ws/cpyhon: Cpython repository from a local path

Both local and github protocols accept glob expressions. Allowing for patterns like: github:orgname/*python* to express all repositories with python on its name in orgname.


usage: gitorg [-h] {init,add,status} ...

CLI tool to interact with list of repositories

optional arguments:
  -h, --help         show this help message and exit

  Commands used in various situations:

    init             Initializes a folder to work with gitorg
    add              Adds a list to the current gitorg workspace
    status           Show the workspace status

A sample way to clone all repositories in user mariocj89 and organization python:

gitorg init
gitorg add github:mariocj89
gitorg add github:python
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