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giza 0.2.6

Sphinx Documentation Build Automation

Latest Version: 0.5.17

Giza is a collection of tools built around Sphinx, that coordinates assembling, building, and deploying documentation. Giza primarily addresses the MongoDB documentation project; however, its design is sufficiently generic to be able to facilitate the builds of multiple documentation resources produced at MongoDB.


Giza on PyPi

Giza on Github

File issues in the MongoDB DOCS Jira Project.


Giza is available in PyPi, and all dependencies and the package handles all dependencies and version management. For most use, you will want to install Giza using the specification in the requirements.txt file in the repository and branch you want to build. Use the following command:

pip install -r requirements.txt

While most branches will use the latest version of the software, at some point in the future, it may only be possible to build some older branches with a specific version of Giza. Using requirements.txt ensure that you will always install the correct version of Giza.

At any time, you can install the latest version with the following pip command:

pip install giza

To install the optional github and jira integration, use the following command:

pip install giza [jira,github]

Additional Components

Beyond the giza command, the Giza package includes several additional utilities that address various needs of the documentation project:

scrumpy provides reports that help us manage our SCRUM and sprint, as well as help with Jira triage and backlog management.

mdbpr is a tool that integrates with Github to identify pull requests that appropriate for merging.

These components are simple but contain additional dependencies and do not share the same root configuration structure with regards to the main giza application. Furthermore, their functionality is not likely to be relevant for a majority of Giza users.

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