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glyphsLib 1.8.0

A bridge from Glyphs source files (.glyphs) to UFOs


This library provides a bridge from Glyphs source files (.glyphs) to UFOs via defcon.

The main methods for conversion are found in Intermediate data can be accessed without actually writing UFOs, if needed.

Write and return UFOs


master_dir = 'master_ufos'
ufos = glyphsLib.build_masters('MyFont.glyphs', master_dir)

Interpolated instances (depends on MutatorMath):

master_dir = 'master_ufos'
instance_dir = 'instance_ufos'
ufos = glyphsLib.build_instances('MyFont.glyphs', master_dir, instance_dir)

Load UFO objects without writing

ufos = glyphsLib.load_to_ufos('MyFont.glyphs')

Load Glyphs data as a Python dictionary

with open('MyFont.glyphs', 'rb') as glyphs_file:
    glyphs_data = glyphsLib.load(glyphs_file)
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