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gmpy 1.15

MPIR/GMP interface to Python 2.4+ and 3.x

Latest Version: 1.17

General MultiPrecision arithmetic for Python -- i.e., Python 2.4+ and 3.0+
interface module for library GMP 4 -- release 1.10 (July 2009).

Note: There is a bug in GMP 4.2.3 that causes a segmentation fault when
running There are patches available at the GMP website or use
GMP 4.2.4.

The gmpy project has moved (since quite a while ago!-) to Google Code:
Please check that site for better-updated sources, docs, etc.

Detailed documentation is in subdirectory doc.

To install gmpy 1.10 from sources (you need to have Python 2.4 or better, and
GMP 4 or MPIR, previously installed): at a shell prompt, python install

Beginning with gmpy 1.10, MPIR is supported as an alternative library to GMP.
To install gmpy 1.10 with MPIR support, use the following command:
python build_ext -DMPIR install

Note that, on Windows, you may use the distributed binary release, rather
than having to rebuild from source. To build GMP and GMPY from source, see the
file "windows_build.txt".

Binary installations are also available for MacOSX (and for many Linux
distributions, but those are not distributed by the gmpy project).

To test your installation: cd test, then python

For any support request, mail Alex Martelli, (or, better, use
the issues and wiki entries of the Google Code URL previously given).
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