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gocept.autocomplete 0.6

AJAX autocomplete widget for z3c.form

Autocomplete widget

gocept.autocomplete provides an autocomplete widget for z3c.form. The widget is useful if you want to provide the user with a list of suggestions for a field, but still want to accept anything else that is entered, too. The UI-part of the widget is YUI AutoComplete <>.

zc.resourcelibrary is used to integrate the YUI library in HTML, so this package is incompatible with packages using hurry.resource.

To use the widget, <include package=”gocept.autocomplete”> and provide a source that implements gocept.autocomplete.interfaces.ISearchableSource. This means two things, one, your source must provide a search() method so it can be queried for values (with whatever has been entered so far as the query) and two, you must always return True from the __contains__() method, so that the user is free to enter a value that is not part of the suggestions.

No further configuration is required, the widget is automatically registered for all zope.schema.IChoice fields with an ISearchableSource.

As an example, we exercise the code from gocept.autocomplete.tests.color with the testbrowser:

>>> import
>>> root =
>>> import gocept.autocomplete.tests.color
>>> house = gocept.autocomplete.tests.color.House()
>>> root['house'] = house
>>> import zope.testbrowser.testing
>>> b = zope.testbrowser.testing.Browser()
>>> b.handleErrors = False

The AutocompleteWidget is an enhanced TextWidget. Thus, in display mode, it behaves just like a TextWidget:

>>> print b.contents
...<span id="form-widgets-color" class="text-widget autocomplete required choice-field"></span>...

But in edit mode, it generates additional javascript code:

>>> b.addHeader('Authorization', 'Basic mgr:mgrpw')
>>> print b.contents
...<script src=".../autocomplete-min.js"...
...<input id="form-widgets-color"...
...<div id="form-widgets-color-container"...
...DS_XHR("http://localhost/house/@@index.html/++widget++color/@@autocomplete-search"... YAHOO.widget.AutoComplete( "form-widgets-color", "form-widgets-color-container"...

The autocompletion is populated via a view registered on the widget:

>>> print b.contents
>>> print b.contents

But we can still enter any value we want and have it saved (there are two parts to make this work, one is that the source must always return True in its __contains__() method, and the other is that the widget uses a special TitledTokenizedTerm that uses the actual value for everything):

>>> b.getControl('Color').value = 'foo'
>>> b.getControl(name='form.buttons.apply').click()
>>> print b.contents

Grouped Forms

A special case are group forms, who provide the field definitions in their groups. For this particular occasion, we’ve setup an ApartmentGroup and a form:

>>> apartment = gocept.autocomplete.tests.color.Apartment()
>>> root['apartment'] = apartment

The widget traversal for grouped forms returns the correct search results:

>>> print b.contents
>>> print b.contents


0.6 (2013-04-23)

  • Switch to jQuery UI and Fanstatic instead of YUI and zc.resourcelibrary.

0.5 (2011-01-11)

  • configure.zcml no longer includes, it was moved to ftesting.zcml.
  • Described the dependency on zc.resourcelibrary in README which makes this package incompatible with packages using hurry.resource.

0.4 (2010-06-17)

contributed by Roman Joost <>:

  • Added grouped forms support.
  • Added configuration options for delimiter character, minium query length and the type-ahed feature

0.3 (2010-02-26)

  • Slightly different way to “estimate” the widget URL: use the form’s context, not the getContent() method: if the content is redirected using an adapter then the view might not exist there.

0.2 (2009-02-23)

  • register the widget for IChoice fields with an ISearchableSource. This functionality depends on z3c.form>=r96460 (will be included in z3c.form-2.0).
  • improved documentation.

0.1 (2009-02-06)

  • first release
  • NOTE: still missing security declarations on the autocomplete-search view. This means anyone can query the source for values.
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  • License: ZPL 2.1
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