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gocept.datetimewidget 1.4.1

Integration package for using zc.datetimewidget in Zope 2


1.4.1 (2012-02-20)

  • Fixed a sequence problem when loading the calendar.

1.4 (2012-02-16)

  • Fixed compatability to newer versions if fanstatic.

1.3.1 (2012-02-15)

  • Moved install requirement fanstatic to an extra requirement.
  • Provide direct fanstatic resources for the javascript, css and language files.

1.2 (2012-02-15)

  • Provided a library to be able to use the zc.datetimewidget resources with fanstatic.

1.1 (2011-02-18)

  • changed external to use resources of zc.datetimewidget 0.6.4, which contains a fix for IE in calendar.js

1.0 (2009-05-20)

  • initial revision

How to use zc.datetimewidget with Zope2

1. Add gocept.datetimewidget egg to your instance

This should automatically install the following dependencies:

  • zc.datetimewidget, zc.i18n and zc.resourcelibrary

2. Make sure the correct set of zcml gets loaded.

If you use a custom site.zcml, Include the following IN THIS ORDER:

<!-- Enable zc.datetimewidget to load its zcml.
     Do not include zc.resourcelibrarys configure.zcml, as this
     will not work in z2. -->
<include package="zc.resourcelibrary" file="meta.zcml" />
<!-- Contains a copy of the resource directory of zc.datetimewidget
     registered as a browser:resourceDirectory.
     Also contains a viewlet manager with viewlets providing html
     snippets for including the javascripts in your templates (see below). -->
<include package="gocept.datetimewidget" />
<include package="zc.datetimewidget" />
<!-- Replace the formlib datetimewidget with the zc one. -->
<includeOverrides package="zc.datetimewidget" />
<!-- Overwrite the zc.resourcelibrary resourcedirectory
     of zc.datetimewidget with a browser:resourceDirectory. -->
<includeOverrides package="gocept.datetimewidget" />

If you use the zcml parameter of plone.recipe.zope2instance you can just set:

zcml = zc.resourcelibrary-meta

3. Add javascript resources to your templates.

Place a line like this in a template where your forms will be displayed:

<tal:jsviewlets replace="structure provider:zc.datetimewidget.resources" />

Or make sure the following resources are loaded (i.e. using plone portal_javascript/portal_css):


Or use Fanstatic:

import gocept.datetimewidget.resource
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
gocept.datetimewidget-1.4.1.tar.gz (md5) Source 2012-02-20 38KB