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gocept.recipe.env 1.0

Mirror environment variables into a buildout section.

Detailed Documentation

Example usage

The value of this recipe is that its part can be referenced from other parts using the ${...} syntax. The recipe mirrors the current environment variables into its section, so that e.g. ${env:USER} will give the current user.

In addition to whatever is in the environment, UID and GID will be set to the effective user id and group id as reported by Python's os module.

Let's look at how this works:

>>> write('buildout.cfg',
... """
... [buildout]
... parts = env
... [env]
... recipe = gocept.recipe.env
... """)

This configuration references an environment variable called buildout-test-info. Lets set it so we know its value:

>>> import os
>>> os.environ['buildout-test-info'] = '42'

Running the buildout gives us:

>>> print 'start', system(buildout) # doctest:+ELLIPSIS
Installing env.

And the installed.cfg recorded the corresponding environment value:

>>> cat('.installed.cfg')
GID = ...
UID = ...
buildout-test-info = 42


Change history

1.0 (2008-07-22)

  • Created recipe with ZopeSkel [Christian Theune <>].
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
gocept.recipe.env-1.0.tar.gz (md5) Source 2008-07-22 4KB
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