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gomobiletheme.basic 1.0.9

Default mobile theme for mFabrik Web and Mobile sites

Latest Version: 1.0.10


This product provides Go Mobile Default Theme mobile site theme for Go Mobile for Plone <>. The theme look and feel resemble’s Plone 4’s Sunburst theme.

The theme contains two optimized image resolutions

  • 48x48 based icon tiles for > 640 pixels wide mobile screens (based on Javascript screen width detection).
  • 24x24 based icon tiles for smaller screens

CSS3 styles are used for WebKit based mobile browsers.

Low-end phones, or non-webkit based proprietary mobile browsers, are also supported partially.

Developer notes


All action icons are in artwork folder, including Inkscape SVG orignals.

Social media icons

Theme also includes some popular social media icons

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • mFabrik

All social media icons have only one version 32 x 32.


All buttons are in the same file as layers, so you can easily do semi-automatic batch exports for them with different sizes from Inkscape.

Plone 3 compatibility changes

gomobiletheme.basic codebase contains branching, either in Python code or on a gomobiletheme_plone3 skin layer to maintain Plone 3 backwards compatibility.

  • customizations only for Plone 4
  • customizations only for Plone 4
  • Top site action links only for Plone 4
  • <head> has some conditions to include Plone 4 specific stuff
  • Plone 3 compatible
  • Plone 3 compatible


1.0.9 (unreleased)

  • woes re-release [miohtama]


  • woes re-release [miohtama]

1.0.6 (2012-06-20)

  • Nothing changed yet.

1.0.4 (2012-06-11)

  • Remade email icon to fix blurry 48px version [totateis]
  • Fix ordered list and h3 styling in #content. [totateis]
  • Add i18n support for JS [totateis]
  • Fixed i18n attribs missing from some templates [totateis]
  • Better event_view for mobile [miohtama]
  • Fixed problems with content-core slot [miohtama]

1.0.2 - 1.0.3

  • Plone 4 compatible content-core fill-slot in main-template. May mess up existing theme customizations [miohtama]
  • Fixed mtool look-up compatibility between Plone versions [miohtama]

1.0.1 - 1.0.2

  • Added ability to define favicon and apple-touch-icon url from Head viewlet [jtoivola]
  • Removed <head> tag from to avoid duplicate tags. We need to have the head tag in to support styleslot. [jtoivola]


  • Allow use touch friendly CSS class .button-links outside #mobile-folder-listing

0.9.3 - 1.0.0

  • Added mobile-simulator and mobile-real CSS classes on body [miohtama]
  • Fixed Home button in preview [miohtama]

0.9.2 - 0.9.3

  • Copyright and description updates [miohtama]

0.9.1 - 0.9.2

  • Search form update for Plone 3 [miohtama]
  • Updated i18n script [miohtama]
  • Updated Finnish translations [miohtama]
  • Fixed product name in the footer (was not valid XML) [miohtama]
  • Fixed search page errors [miohtama]

0.9 - 0.9.1

  • All inputs are in bold, easier to read on smaller screen [miohtama]
  • Fixed back viewlet labels [miohtama]
  • Changed action icon for contact [miohtama]


  • Fixed xml character references. [maurits]
  • Added Spanish translation [leonardocaballero]
  • Added full support for i18n [leonardocaballero]

0.1 - Unreleased

  • Initial release
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