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google-music-manager-uploader 0.7.3

Google MusicManager package to manage your music library to Google Music - Upload module

Google Music Manager - Uploader

This program will replace former Google MusicManager to upload your music library to Google Music

This work is based upon Simon Weber’s Google Music API.


Avconv is needed to convert some of your files due to Google’s MP3 constraint also, this program needs watchdog, gmusicapi, netifaces and bs4 Python libraries to work.

apt-get install python3-pip libav-tools build-essential
pip3 install google-music-manager-uploader

Once installed, You have to authenticate to Google Music via the google-music-auth command

# Usage google-music-auth [path_to_oauth_cred_file=~/oauth]

If first parameter is not defined, the script will try to store/load your oauth credentials through the ~/oauth file.

Then follow prompted instructions.

You will be asked to go to a Google URL to allow the connection:

Visit the following url:
Follow the prompts, then paste the auth code here and hit enter:



This program will scan a given directory for new elements to upload them to Google Music. First, launch the daemon to watch a directory new inputs.

It will NOT upload already existing files, ONLY new files while the daemon is running. (Please contribute if you want this to change)

usage: google-music-uploader [-h] [--directory DIRECTORY] [--oauth OAUTH] [-r]
                          [--uploader_id UPLOADER_ID]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --directory DIRECTORY, -d DIRECTORY
                        Music Folder to upload from (default: .)
  --oauth OAUTH, -a OAUTH
                        Path to oauth file (default: ~/oauth)
  -r, --remove          Remove files if present (default: False)
  --uploader_id UPLOADER_ID, -u UPLOADER_ID
                        Uploader identification (should be an uppercase MAC
                        address) (default: <current eth0 MAC address>)



Google Music Uploader works with Python 3 or above. It requires Simon Weber’s Google Music API and Watchdog.

Submitting bugs and feature requests

Bugs and feature request are tracked on GitHub


Jay MOULIN See also the list of contributors which participated in this program.


Google Music Uploader is licensed under the MIT License

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