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googleDriveAccess 0.0.10

recursive upload to Google Drive and import-export Google Apps Script source code

Latest Version: 0.1.6

a Python tool to Access to the Google Drive

Package Documentation


import os
import googleDriveAccess

# create instance
da = googleDriveAccess.DAClient(os.path.abspath('.'))

# create parent folders at the same time
folderId, folderPath = da.makeDirs('/remote_drive/subfolder_test/subsubfolder')
print folderId, folderPath

# recursive backup to remote folder

# search
da.execQuery("'root' in parents", **{'maxResults': 5})
da.execQuery("'root' in parents and explicitlyTrashed=True", repeattoken=True, **{'maxResults': 500})

How to use it


pip install 'google-api-python-client'
pip install googleDriveAccess
  (or easy_install googleDriveAccess)
cd /opt/googleDriveAccess

First, create your Client_ID and secret on the Google Drive.

Register your App on and ‘download JSON’ of your Client ID and Client secret.

Rename this JSON file to ‘./client_secret_[Client ID].json’ .

mv client_secrets.json /opt/googleDriveAccess/client_secret_YOURCLIENTID.json

Second, create cache file for Client ID .

Create ‘./cicache.txt’ file and write your Client ID to the first line.

echo YOURCLIENTID > ./cicache.txt

Third, encrypt secret file.

Execute ./ to encrypt downloaded JSON file.


Check that encrypted file exists ‘./client_secret[Client ID].json.enc’ and plain text JSON file ‘./client_secret[Client ID].json’ will be deleted.

Execute ./ to test OAuth2 flow and store credentials.


Execute ./ to test OAuth2 using stored credentials.


Execute ./ to test Drive API search with query.


Edit (set ‘mode = 0’) to test create new Google Apps Script ‘test_GoogleAppsScript_createCalendarEvent’ for tests below.

Execute ./ to test create and ‘get SCRIPT_ID’ .


Edit (set ‘mode = 2’ and ‘set SCRIPT_ID’) to test download.

Execute ./ to test download.


Edit downloaded script ‘./script_import_export/test_GoogleAppsScript_createCalendarEvent/’ .

Edit (set ‘mode = 1’) to test upload.

Execute ./ to test upload.


Known BUGs

I will make :

This program will cache each folder (or file) ids assigned by the Google Drive.
(Into the cache file cache_folderIds_[Client ID].sl3 .)
Please search and erase a row that has same id from the cache file
when you delete your folder or file using another Google Drive client tool.

It may be fixed:

When uploading a file that would not be automaticaly handled Google Drive,
"Media type 'None' is not supported. Valid media types: [*/*]"
error occurred.
Because of default mimeType is set to None on uploadFile.
So it may correct to catch the exception and retry with 'binary/octet-stream'.


BSD License

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
googleDriveAccess-0.0.10.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-07-14 13KB