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google_embed 0.1.0

Pelican plugin for embedding Google+ and Google Maps


Google-Embed is a Pelican plugin providing restucturedText directives to allow easy embedding of Google+ (for example a public post or album) and Google Maps.

Live examples can also be viewed from a Pelican-built website.


Embed Google+ posts within a page or blog post easily, simply by specifying the URL of the post.

Google Maps can also be embedded by specifying:

  • A place
  • A search term
  • Directions with optional waypoints

Furthermore, a static image from Google Maps or Google Streetview can also be embedded.


Google-Embed can be installed using pip

$ pip install google-embed

or manually from the source code

$ python install

Once installed, simply add it to your configuration file:

    # ...


Whilst not required, it is recommended that you sign up for an API key. This can be entered in your file after loading the google_embed plugin like so:




To embed a public Google+ post, you just need the permalink to the post:

.. gplus:: PERMALINK

Embed Google Maps

To embed a Google Map object:

.. gmaps:: location
        :mode: place

where location in this case is a name of a specific place. Note that :mode: is a required option, and can take the value place or search. If in search mode, the value of location can be a more generic phrase, such as Mexican Restraunts near Fake St - the result will be displayed on the map with markers.

Other options include:

  • :align: - left, right, or center
  • :maptype: - roadmap or satelite
  • :width:
  • :height:

Embed Google Map Directions

To embed Google Map directions:

.. directions::
        :mode: walking
        :origin: Tower of London
        :destination: Westminster Abbey

Required options:

  • :mode: - driving, walking, bicycling, transit, flying
  • :origin:
  • :destination:

Other options include:

  • :align: - left, right, or center
  • :maptype: - roadmap or satelite
  • :waypoints: - points to stop along the way. Should be entered like Berlin+Germany|Paris+France
  • :width:
  • :height:

Embed Google Map as an Image

.. static-map:: The queens larder

Other options include:

  • :align: - left, right, or center
  • :maptype: - roadmap, satelite, hybrid, terrain
  • :markers: - places markers on the map
  • :zoom: - default is 12
  • :width:
  • :height:

When using markers, styles come before locations. For numerous markers of the same style,

.. static-map:: The queens larder
        :markers: color:blue The+British+Museum Lamb+Bar

For markers of different styles, these should be separated with a &:

.. static-map:: The queens larder
        :markers: color:blue label:A The+British+Museum & color:red label:B Lamb+Bar

Note that marker locations use + to seprate words, not spaces.

Embed Streetview as an Image

.. streetview:: Paragon, Orchard Rd

Other options include:

  • :align: - left, right, or center
  • :width:
  • :height:
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