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ZC Buildout recipe for node.js

Latest Version:

Detailed Documentation

Supported options

The recipe supports the following options:

url to a node.js archive
node.js version. Ignored if url is set. Default to recipe version. Mean that using recipe=gp.recipe.node==0.10.22.X will install node 0.10.22
a list of package to install with npm. You can specify a package version by using npmname@version
a list of scripts (optional)
a list of extra directory to add to NODE_PATH

Example usage

We’ll start by creating a buildout that uses the recipe:

>>> write('buildout.cfg',
... """
... [buildout]
... parts = test1
... [test1]
... recipe = gp.recipe.node
... npms = coffee-script less
... scripts = coffee lessc
... """)

Running the buildout gives us:

>>> print 'start', system(buildout)
Installing test1.
Generated script '.../bin/lessc'.


Gael Pasgrimaud, Author

Change history (2014-02-28)

  • Switch to 0.10.26 (2013-12-26)

  • Switch to 0.10.24 (2013-11-23)

  • Switch to 0.10.22
  • scripts option is no longer required (2013-11-08)

  • Switch to 0.10.21
  • Allow dev version
  • PEP8 (2013-10-14)

  • Switch to 0.10.20
  • py3 compat (2013-09-13)

  • Fixes a failure installing npms when the buildout path contains spaces

  • Update node version
  • Allow to use download cache

  • Allow to install only node/npm

  • Now use binary distribution on linux and osx by default. Mean that the recipe no longer require gcc and the installation is way much faster.
  • Raise an error if a script does not exist
  • Use package version to get the node.js version to install


  • Change npm install script location [Ross Pfahler]


  • Created recipe with ZopeSkel [Gael Pasgrimaud]
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