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gp.recipe.pip 0.5.3

zc.buildout recipe for pip

This package is a zc.buildout recipe which allow to install python packages using pip

Detailed Documentation

Supported options

The recipe supports the following options:


Virtualenv directory. The virtualenv is build in this directory (Default to parts/pip). You can also use an existing one. If a virtualenv option is found in the buildout section then this one is used except if the current section override it.
extra environement vars used with subprocess
Extra indexes url.
A list of string passed to pip directly. A sub process is run per line. This allow to use –install-option.
A list of svn url. (svn+http://myrepo/svn/MyApp#egg=MyApp)
A list of distribution to install with buildout

This recipe is based on zc.recipe.egg#scripts so options used by this recipe should also works.

Example usage

We’ll start by creating a buildout that uses the recipe:

>>> write('buildout.cfg',
... """
... [buildout]
... parts = test1
... [test1]
... recipe = gp.recipe.pip
... install =
...     PasteScript
... interpreter = python
... scripts =
...     paster = paster
... """)

Running the buildout gives us:

>>> print 'start', system(buildout)
Installing test1.
Generated script '/sample-buildout/bin/paster'.
Generated interpreter '/sample-buildout/bin/python'...

Scripts are generated:

>>> ls('bin')
-  buildout
-  paster
-  python

With the virtualenv binary as executable:

>>> print 'cat', cat('bin', 'paster')
cat .../parts/pip/bin/python

Complete Example

Here is a config file used to install Deliverance:

parts = eggs
download-cache = download
versions = versions

# the recipe take care of versions

recipe = gp.recipe.pip
# needed to build static libs for lxml
env =

# packages to install with pip
install =
    --install-option=--static-deps lxml

# packages to install with buildout
eggs =

# svn urls
editables =


Gael Pasgrimaud

Change history

0.5.3 (2012-9-5)

  • Remove -E from pip options [Aaditya Sood]

0.5.2 (2010-07-16)

  • Tagged [Gael Pasgrimaud]

0.5.1 (2009-12-14)

  • Support CFLAGS [Rob Miller]

0.5 (2009-12-8)

  • fix #1. bug with multi-index options. patch by Jannis Leidel.
  • use distribute

0.4 (2008-12-8)

  • allow to use extra env vars
  • fix bug with editables
  • allow to share virtualenvs / build_dir between buildouts
  • avoid duplicated installation by buildout

0.3 (2008-12-7)

  • Fixes: Always install a virtualenv. Split line arguments for install

0.2 (2008-12-7)

  • Fix error when no download cache is set [Gael Pasgrimaud].
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