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gprime 1.0.9a2

gPrime webapp for genealogy

# gPrime

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gPrime is a web-based application for genealogy. It uses the Gramps API for data, reports, import/export, etc.

* Designed for collaboration and fast processing of large databases
* Multi-user, password protected
* Supports IIIF Image Server API -
* Uses a powerful search interface
* 100% compatible with [Gramps]( data model

Additional Information

* Blog -
* Mailing list -!forum/genealogycollective
* Documentation -
* Demo - (username: demo, password: demo)

Get Involved!

gPrime is looking for help on many different topics:

* programming - in Python and Javascript
* translation into other languages - see demo for what exists
* CSS and HTML design - gPrime uses both

gPrime is also looking for some advsiors! If you would like to help developed focused goals for the future development of gPrime, please let us know:

[I'm interested in Advising gPrime](


* Python3

Python package dependencies:

* tornado
* simplejson
* passlib
* meta


On Windows and Mac, perhaps the easiest method of using gPrime is to start with an [Anaconda Python3 environment](

Once you have a Python environment, install gPrime with:

pip install gprime --user -U

(--user installs into user space, not global space. -U updates gPrime and dependencies. Leave off --user and use Adminstrative install method (sudo) to install for everyone.)

Getting Started

**In all of the following commands, --site-dir is always required.**

To run gPrime, you need to do two things:

1. Create a site directory
2. Create at least one user and password

To create a site directory, provide a name for the tree, and give the site-dir directory:

gprime --site-dir="family_tree" --create="My Family Tree"

Then, you need at least one user (as an example, we use "demo" as the username):

gprime --site-dir="family_tree" --add-user=demo
Password: (does not show any characters as you type)

Importing Data

Optionally, you may now want to also import some data (gPrime supports Gramps XML, GEDCOM, and JSON import formats):

gprime --site-dir="family_tree" --import-file="FamilyTree.gramps"

The site-directory has a folder named "media" for all of the images and other documents. On --file-import, gPrime will atempt to import any identified media by copying them into this media folder. If you want to prevent the copying, use --import-media=False. You can alternatively manually copy files into the media folder, or, in the previous example, make family_tree/media link to your media folder.


You can run gprime directly from either the github-downloaded directory, or from the installed version.

Installed version:

gprime --site-dir="family_tree"


* --site-dir=/PATH/TO/FOLDER - The directory of the gPrime site directory (required)
* --sitename="Site Name" - Name to use for the site (optional, "gPrime" is default)
* --create=TREE-NAME - Create a site directory (given by --site-dir) and family tree database with TREE-NAME
* --add-user=USERNAME - Add a username and password; prompts for password if --password not given
* --remove-user=USERNAME - Remove a user's username and password from "SITE-DIR/passwd" file
* --change-password=USERNAME - Change a user's password; prompts for password if --password not given
* --password=PASSWORD - Use with --change-password, or --add-user (this option is not recommended)
* --import-file=FILENAME - Import a Gramps-supported file type (.ged, .gramps, .json, etc.)
* --import-media=True/False - Attempt to import media with Gramps XML or JSON, used with --import-file
* --config-file=FILE - A config file of these options (optional); alternatively, will use SITE-DIR/config.cfg if one
* --port=PORT-NUMBER - Port to listen on (8000 is default)
* --hostname=LOCALHOST - Hostname to listen on ("localhost" is default)
* --prefix=/PATH - a URL prefix (e.g., /PATH/person/ )
* --server=True|False - Start the server? Default is True
* --open-browser=True|False - open a web browser on startup?
* --debug=True|False - Use to see additional debugging information; useful for development (auto-restarts server on code change)
* --xsrf=True/False - Use cross-site request forgery protection (recommended)
* --help - List additional options and details

Rather than having to list all of these options on a command-line, you can put them in the SITE-DIR/config.cfg file:

### This is the contents of file SITE-DIR/config.cfg.
### Note that hyphens in option names are converted to underscores.

port = 8001
site_dir = "My_Family_Tree_Folder"
prefix = "/jones"
sitename = "Jerry's"

Common variations

gprime --help
gprime --site-dir="family_tree_folder" --create="Smith Family"
gprime --site-dir="family_tree_folder" --import-file="myinfo.gramps"
gprime --site-dir="family_tree_folder" --add-user=demo --password=demo
gprime --site-dir="family_tree_folder"
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