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grano-elasticsearch 0.4.0-20140705-pl1

An entity and social network tracking software for news applications (ElasticSearch support)

Latest Version: 0.4.5

Grano ElasticSearch Support

`grano <http:""/>`_ is a toolkit for building journalistic social
network analysis applications on the web. This package contains full-text
search support based on ElasticSearch.


``grano-elasticsearch`` requires that you have installed and configured
`grano <http:""/>`_. Please refer to `grano's documentation <http:""/>`_
for further instructions. Afterwards, install the ``grano-elasticsearch``
package (from PyPI or source) into the same virtual environment. You will
also need to install and configure ElasticSearch.

To enable this plugin, add the entry ``ui`` to the ``PLUGINS`` variable in
your ``grano`` settings file. If you have no other plugins installed,
try this:

PLUGINS = ['es_boot', 'es_entity_indexer', 'es_project_indexer']


This plugin provides the following public API to expose full-text search:


GET /api/1/entities/_search

Full-text search API for entitues. Given a query, the API will return a set
of ElasticSearch results (i.e. not complete entity serializations). Standard
:ref:`pager` arguments are available.

* ``q`` the term to be searched.
* ``filter-<name>`` filter field ``<name>`` for the given value.
* ``facet`` add the value of the argument as a facet field. This argument
can be supplied multiple times to have more than one facet.
* ``facet-size`` can be used to specify the number of results to be returned
for each ``facet``.

Management commands

In order to manage the index, the plugin exposes a set of management commands.
Some examples::

# re-index all projects:
$ grano es_index

# re-index a specific project (by slug):
$ grano es_index -p my_project

# delete all data in the index:
$ grano es_delete

# delete all data in a specific project:
$ grano es_delete -p my_project


When enabled, ``grano-elasticsearch`` will deploy itself and add its endpoint to
the ``grano`` API. To specify the name of the ElasticSearch index, you can set
the ``ES_INDEX`` setting in your ``grano`` configuration file. If no index name
is specified, the application's name (``APP_NAME``) will be used.  
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