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grapheekdb 0.0.1-devel

('GrapheekDB is a fast and lightweight Graph Database', 'with various backends : Kyoto Cabinet/Local memory (more coming soon).')

Latest Version: 0.0.24

GrapheekDB is a fast and lightweight Graph Database with various KVS (Key/Value Store) backends :

Implementing a new backend for other KVS is quite easy : Local Memory backend is implemented in less that 50 lines of code.

Features :

  • nodes (aka vertices) and edges creation and deletion
  • nodes and edge lookup (using a django-like syntax)
  • path traversal (using a gremlin-like syntax)
  • basic nodes & edges indexing feature (works with one or many field)
  • aggregation
  • speed : path traversal often occurs at 1 million entities/second - thanks to the backends :)
  • concurrency : with 1000 concurrent users and simple node creation/deletion, the server can handle 7000 requests/second - thanks to 0mq and gevent
  • code base test coverage is currently : 100 %

Installation :

pip install grapheekdb

Quick intro :

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grapheekdb-0.0.1-devel.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-01-31 22KB