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graphiti 0.1.11

Graphite/Carbon client

Graphiti is python module for sending any metrics to graphite/carbon

Build status:


  • Asynchronous sending
  • Combine several metrics to single packet
  • Uses pickle protocol
  • Handle temporary network outage
  • Gevent support


graphiti is installed via pip.

pip install graphiti

Usage Example


from graphiti import Client

client = Client(carbon_host)
client.send("graphiti.server.cpu_usage", 12.4, timestamp)
client.send("graphiti.server.cpu_usage", 15.1)  # current time will be used

project = "graphite"
server = "server"
client.send((project, server, "cpu_usage"), 11)  # metric name is graphiti.server.cpu_usage

# also you can aggregate values on client side
from graphiti import Aggregator, timeit

aggregator = Aggregator(client, interval=60)  # aggregate metrics during minute

aggregator.add_sum('processed_messages', 1)
aggregator.add_avg('message_processing_avg_time', time_taken)

with timeit(aggregator, ["graphiti", "server", "messages"]):
   process_message()  #  send metrics graphiti.server.messages.time_avg -- average time of message processing
                      #               graphiti.server.messages.time_sum -- total time of message processing
                      #               graphiti.server.messages.count -- number of processed message per minute



The Graphiti sources are hosted on bitbucket:

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
graphiti-0.1.11.tar.gz (md5) Source 2017-12-15 8KB