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green 0.9.3

Latest Version: 2.12.1

Green. Clean test output for modern Python.

Green provides clean output for Python unit tests. Compare it to nose, nose2,
or trial.

Basic Usage

To use green with existing Python unit tests, just run `green` in the home
directory of your project. (or `green2` or `green3`, or `green-X.X` where
`X.X` is your python version).

For more advanced usage, see `green --help`


For most versions of python 2.x you should use `pip`. You may have to preface
this command with `sudo` if you do not have root permissions.

pip install green

For more recent versions of Python 3, the command is usually nearly the same
(you still may have to preface the command with `sudo`).

pip3 install green


Just add the `--upgrade` option to what you used above. For example:

pip3 install --upgrade green


Replace `install` with `uninstall` in the command from the Installation section
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