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grun 0.14

The simplest GUI builder (tk/gtk), for RAD scripts

A simple example, turn your methods into gui forms

from grun import grun

def my_window( name, passwd, cookie=["1 day","1 week","1 month"] ):
    '''Hello, I'm the method's doc

    name:    Login
    passwd:  Password
    cookie:  How long ?
    if name == passwd:
        return True
        grun("Set login == password !")

print my_window(cookie="1 day")

will display :

Works on Linux/BSD, Windows and Mac using Tk framework (or pygtk when available)

See more infos

Version 0.14 (2009/10/05):

  • bugfix : use of the grun decorator was buggued (func_closure)
  • local config enabled, if the conf file is in the root app

Version 0.13 (2009/10/03):

  • fix: gtk number-widget wasn’t initialized when value was None
  • tk iconapp simulate now a grunapp (not a popup’app anymore)

Version 0.12 (2009/10/03):

  • tk popup should work as expected on win32 (no more tk.mainloop) !!!!!!!
  • tk winform should focus on first entry now (seems not work on win ?!)
  • popup/popapp actions wich return something returns it after grun.popup

Version 0.11 (2009/10/01):

  • clipboard manager available grun.clipboard
  • better shortcut grun.popup()
  • better shortcut grun.form()
  • popup menu works with any types of value
  • popup menu support submenu too !
  • tk: text widget with usable scrollbars now
  • tk: fix in msgbox (always of type error)
  • tk: home-made-combobox, replaced by Tk.OptionMenu
  • tk: better simulation of tk popapp/popupmenu (no more ‘close’ entry)

Version 0.1 (2009/09/28): Initial Public Release

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
grun-0.14-py2.6.egg (md5) Python Egg 2.6 2009-10-05 41KB
grun-0.14.tar.gz (md5) Source 2009-10-05 16KB