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guippy 0.1.2dev

Control the Windows GUI

Latest Version: 0.1.5dev

The guippy emulate various operations of computer users. It provides the ability for emulate keyboards, mouses, window system, and clipboards. By using this, you can run your computer automatically.

This is a Pyhon 3rd party library. Written in pure Python. You need to Python programming, but it is very easy to use. And you can easily and safely install.


pip install guippy


For example…


>>> import guippy
>>> gp = guippy.Guippy()

Catch current active window:

>>> gp.catch()

Move the window to (x=1, y=2):

>>> gp.move(1, 2)

Move the mouse pointer to (x=1, y=2):

>>> gp.jump(1, 2)

Move the mouse pointer to relative position from the upper-left of the window:

>>>, 3)

Click and double click:

>>>  # click
>>> gp.wclick() # double click

Type “test”:

>>> gp.punch('test')

Input Ctrl-c:

>>> gp.ctrl('c')

Set data in to clipboard:

>>> gp.set('test')

Get data from clipboard:

>>> gp.get()

Close the window:

>>> gp.close()

See the documentation if you want to know other things.

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
guippy-0.1.2dev.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-04-09 11KB