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gunicorn_thrift 0.2.12

Thrift server using gunicorn


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Thrift app and worker for gunicorn!

## Why?

* graceful reload/shutdown.
* manage worker number at runtime.
* and everything else `gunicorn` has to offer.

## Supported Platforms

* Python 2.7, all worker classes
* Python 3.2+, `thriftpy_sync` worker class (neither gevent nor code generated
using the Thrift toolkit are supported on Python 3)

## Examples

### Using `thrift`

1. Generate thrift files:
% thrift --out tests/pingpong_sdk --gen py:new_style,utf8strings tests/pingpong.thrift

2. Write thrift app.

#! /usr/bin/env python
# tests/
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

from pingpong_sdk.pingpong import PingService

class PingpongServer(object):
def ping(self):
if os.environ.get('about_to_shutdown') == '1':
raise PingService.AboutToShutDownException
return "pong"

app = PingService.Processor(PingpongServer())

3. Fire up app.
% gunicorn_thrift -k thrift_sync
% gunicorn_thrift -k thrift_gevent

### Using `thriftpy`

1. Write thrift app.

#! /usr/bin/env python
# tests/
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

import thriftpy
from thriftpy.thrift import TProcessor

class PingPongDispatcher(object):
def ping(self):
return "pong"

pingpong_thrift = thriftpy.load("pingpong.thrift")
app = TProcessor(pingpong_thrift.PingService, PingPongDispatcher())

2. Fire up app.

% gunicorn_thrift tests.thriftpy_app:app -k thriftpy_sync \
--thrift-protocol-factory \
thriftpy.protocol:TCyBinaryProtocolFactory \
--thrift-transport-factory \

## Configs

### Workers

Parameter: `-k`, `--worker-class`
Config file: `worker_class`
Default 2.7: `thrift_sync`
Default 3.2+: `thriftpy_sync`

There are 4 types of workers avaiable.

* `thrift_sync`: sync worker.
* `thrift_gevent`: gevent worker.
* `thriftpy_sync`: sync worker, adapted for [`thriftpy`](
* `thriftpy_gevent`: gevent worker, adapted for [`thriftpy`](

note: If you want to use `thriftpy_sync` or `thriftpy_gevent`, make sure the following:

* Version of `thriftpy` should be higher than `0.1.10`.
* `--thrift-protocol-factory` should be set to either `thriftpy.protocol:TCyBinaryProtocolFactory` or `thriftpy.protocol:TBinaryProtocolFactory`
* `--thrift-transport-factory` should be set to either `thriftpy.transport:TCyBufferedTransportFactory` or `thriftpy.transport:TBufferedTransportFactory`

### Transport factory

The transport factory to use for handling connections.

Parameter: `--thrift-transport-factory`
Config file: `thrift_transport_factory`
Default 2.7: `thrift.transport.TTransport:TBufferedTransportFactory`
Default 3.2+: `thriftpy.transport:TBufferedTransportFactory`

### Protocol factory

The protocol factory to use for parsing requests.

Parameter: `--thrift-protocol-factory`
Config file: `thrift_protocol_factory`
Default 2.7: `thrift.protocol.TBinaryProtocol:TBinaryProtocolAcceleratedFactory`
Default 3.2+: `thriftpy.protocol:TBinaryProtocolFactory`

### Client timeout

Seconds to timeout a client if it is silent after this duration.

Parameter: `--thrift-client-timeout`
Config file: `thrift_client_timeout`
Default: `None` (Never time out a client)
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