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guzzle_sphinx_theme 0.6.0

Sphinx theme used by Guzzle.

Latest Version: 0.7.11

Sphinx theme used by Guzzle:


Install via pip:

$ pip install guzzle_sphinx_theme

or if you have the code checked out locally:

$ python install


Add the following to your

import guzzle_sphinx_theme

# Uses a Guzzle style Pygments theme
pygments_style = 'guzzle_sphinx_theme.GuzzleStyle'

# Adds an HTML table visitor to apply Bootstrap table classes
html_translator_class = 'guzzle_sphinx_theme.HTMLTranslator'
html_theme_path = guzzle_sphinx_theme.html_theme_path()
html_theme = 'guzzle_sphinx_theme'

# Register the theme as an extension to generate a sitemap.xml

# Guzzle theme options (see theme.conf for more information)
html_theme_options = {

    # Set the path to a special layout to include for the homepage
    "index_template": "special_index.html",

    # Set the name of the project to appear in the nav menu
    "project_nav_name": "Project Name",

    # Set your GitHub user and repo to enable GitHub stars links
    "github_user": "my_github_user",
    "github_repo": "my_github_repo",

    # Set your Disqus short name to enable comments
    "disqus_comments_shortname": "my_disqus_comments_short_name",

    # Set you GA account ID to enable tracking
    "google_analytics_account": "my_ga_account",

    # Set a custom class to add to the navbar (e.g. navbar-inverse)
    "navbar_class": "",

    # Path to a touch icon
    "touch_icon": "",

    # Specify a base_url used to generate sitemap.xml links. If not
    # specified, then no sitemap will be built.
    "base_url": ""

Customizing the layout

You need to customize the navigation links of “layout.html” using a theme customization. “layout.html” contains several blocks that can be overridden or extended.

Place a “layout.html” file in your project’s “/_templates” directory.

mkdir source/_templates
touch source/_templates/layout.html

Then, configure your “”:

templates_path = ['_templates']

Finally, edit your override file “source/_templates/layout.html”:

{# Import the theme’s layout. #} {% extends “!layout.html” %}

{# Customize the links in the main nav menu #} {%- block nav_links %} <li><a href=”{{ pathto(master_doc) }}”>Home</a></li> <li><a href=”{{ pathto(‘docs’) }}”>Docs</a></li> <!– etc… –> {%- endblock %}

If you are using Readthedocs, then you might run into an issue where they don’t currently allow you to extend layout.html. If you only need to add links to the menu, then you can just create a nav_links.html file in your _templates directory that includes li nodes. The contents of this file will be included when building the docs.

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