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gxmail 1.1.6

A simple smtp user agent designed to send emails from the linux command line.

GXMAIL v1.1.6
**WARNING: this is the unstable branch, probably broken... use the stable branch: 1.1.5. Or check the latest release.**

*gxmail* is a simple smtp client designed to send emails from the linux command line.
It is particularly useful to use with bash scripts.
*gxmail* supports multiple profiles (email accounts)

# Features
* smtp
* multiple profiles
* load email body from file
* html support
* batch mode to enable mailing lists
* interactive mode
* text file attachment


## Options
The following arguments are available
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit

  -p PROFILE, --profile PROFILE
                        Select profile to be used.

  -to TO                Receipient. You may include several email addresses
                        separating them with a comma. DO NOT use spaces

  -s SUBJECT, --subject SUBJECT
                        subject line.

  -m MESSAGE, --message MESSAGE
                        Import email body from text file.

  -b BATCH, --batch BATCH
                        Batch mode: get recepients from a text file.

  -html, --html         HTML mode: send html formated content.

  -v, --version         Prints version and exits program.

  -a ATTACHMENT, --attachment ATTACHMENT
                        Send file attachment.


## Interactive Mode

If called without arguments, *gxmail* will run in interactive mode.

## Batch mode

    [-b FILE.TXT --batch FILE.TXT]
In batch mode, *gxmail* will read a list recepients from a text file.
* The file must be plain text and contain one email per line
* *batch mode* is NOT compatible with *interactive mode*, you must provide arguments: to, subject, and message. Only the profile may be ommitted, in which case, the default profile is used.

*Spam is illegal, and it means you are evil if you use this software for that purpose.*

# Instalation Notes
## Dependencies
* python 2.7 o higher

## Install

* Copy ** to your desired application.
* *gxmail* will store profiles in *~/.gxmail*, you will need to create this directory manually. And keep it empty, do **NOT** place ** inside it.

mkdir ~/.gxmail

* Make sure ** is executable

chmod +x <path>/

* Run the script, you will be prompted to create your default profile.


# Profiles

## First Run
When you first run ** it will prompt you to create your default profile:
 You don't have a profile set up yet. Let's do it now!
 Server ->
 Port -> 25
 Your email ->
 Your password -> myPa$$w0rd
 You are ready to send emails with your new profile!
## Profile Management
Each profile is stored as a text file inside *~/.gxmail*
You can simply delete each file to remove a profile.
It is also posible to edit them with your favorite text editor, just remember to keep the structure:

    ["Profilename", "server", "port", "email", "password"]


    ["default", "", "25", "", "myPa$$w0rd"]

# License

This software is realeased under GPL3.

# Contact


# ChangeLog
* Add interactive mode

* Add batch mode, read recepients form text file

* Add support for html
* Fixed bug on interactive profile selection

* Adds *--version* flag
* Fix 'text/plain' Mime-type

* Fixed bug with relative paths

* Working on attachments
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