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haufe.eggserver 0.2.6

A small PyPI replacement based on a local distribution directory (implemented using GROK)

haufe.eggserver is a tiny webfront to a local egg/sourcecode archive distribution directory (eggs and other distribution files stored directly on the filesystem).

It currently supports basic browsing through a local distribution directory on the filesystem and basic upload support for eggs and source code distributions (requires haufe.releaser). It supports out-of-the-box infinite repository directories.

haufe.eggserver supports the standard setuptools upload protocol as well as out-of-the-box support for zc.buildout (find-links option).


  • download the source code archive and unpack it
  • run buildout
  • start the instance using bin/zopectl start
  • add an eggserver application instance through the management interface
  • use the edit view for configuring the path to your local distribution directory and the visible title of your instance (Login with username admin and password 123)


  • zc.buildout (use easy_install for installing zc.buildout)
  • Grok (will be installed automatically when using zc.buildout)
  • gocept.cache (willl be installed automatically when using zc.buildout)
  • optional haufe.releaser (use easy_install for install haufe.releaser)

Uploading packages

You have to choices:

  • use haufe.releaser and its local_upload command

  • use the standard setuptools upload command:

    python2.4 sdist upload -r http://localhost:8080/eggs

    A 409 HTTP status code will be returned if the upload file exists.

Things haufe.eggserver won’t do

Since haufe.eggserver is not designed as a full-fledged PyPI replacement, there are some things that the implementation will not do right do (and possibly will not do):

  • no dedicated security model (everyone is trused and allowed to upload packages). Keep in mind that haufe.eggserver is basically designed for company/project internal usage


haufe.eggserver was written by Andreas Jung for Haufe Mediengruppe, Freiburg, Germany and ZOPYX Ltd. & Co. KG, Tuebingen, Germany.


haufe.eggserver is licensed under the Zope Public License 2.1.

See the included ZPL.txt file.


ZOPYX Ltd. & Co. KG
Andreas Jung
Charlottenstr. 37/1
D-72070 Tuebingen, Germany
E-mail: info at zopyx dot com


0.2.6 (2010-06-01)

  • add simple index creation functionality: The eggserver application now has a setting “index_directory” where all packages are linked into one flat folder. This folder can be served by e.g. Apache as the target of a buildout “find-links” setting.

0.2.5 (01.12.2008)

  • fixed an issue where the package directory contained an index.html file

0.2.4 (23.06.2008)

  • fixed sorting of dev packages

0.2.3 (20.06.2008)

  • sort packages by their version

0.2.2 (24.04.2008)

  • updated to Grok 0.12

0.2.1 (24.04.2008)

  • added missing file
  • simple view for zc.buildout re-added

0.2.0 (13.04.2008)

  • implemented traversers for proper integration with easy_install
  • cleaned up download functionality

0.1.12 (26.03.2008)

  • fixed ‘simple’ view

0.1.11 (25.03.2008)

  • compatiblity with setuptools upload protocol

0.1.10 (13.03.2008)

  • added gocept.cache to buildout.cfg

0.1.9 (10.03.2008)

  • ‘download’ now sending a proper 404 reply
  • caching ‘simple’ view using gocept.cache
  • some CSS and UI fixes
  • adjust wording

0.1.8 (08.03.2008)

  • various encoding fixes for non-ascii metadata

0.1.7 (07.03.2008)

  • a new view ‘simple’ provides a flat listing of all files (to be used together with easy_install or zc.buildout)

0.1.6 (07.03.2008)

  • various fixes for development packages

0.1.5 (03.03.2008)

  • bugfix release

0.1.4 (03.03.2008)

  • added download option for distribution files

0.1.3 (29.02.2008)

  • showing package metadata for eggs
  • some UI redesign
  • rest2html integration for showing the Description as HTML (still has some conversion issues)

0.1.2 (28.02.2008)

  • updated documentation
  • support for development distribution files
  • some UI redesign
  • new title property

0.1.1 (27.02.2008)

  • initial release
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