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hautomation_x10 0.11.1

Mochad wrapper to help issuing X10 commands


Python wrapper module which sends home automation commands to mochad


This Python module is a set of functions to make easier to send X10 home automation
commands to mochad.

At the momment the module is capable of sending the following commands

- Power line switch command which accepts "on" and "off" values
- Power line dim command which accepts values in the range 1..31
- Power line bright command which accepts values in the range 1..31

By initializing the settings.MOCHAD_PORT and the settings.MOCHAD_HOST configuration directives
mochad daemon can be in any reachable host.

Quick start

1. Install hautomation_x10: pip install -e git+

2. Make the USB cm15a device is plugged in a server

3. Make sure mochad is running on that server

4. open hautomation_x10/ and set MOCHAD_HOST and MOCHAD_PORT to proper values

5. Start issuing commands.

>>> import hautomation_x10.cmds as cmds

>>> cmds.pl_switch("A5", "off")

>>> cmds.pl_switch("A6", "on")

>>> cmds.pl_dim("A3", 31)

>>> cmds.pl_bri("A3", 4)


>>> python hautomation_x10/

Entry Points

The deploying of the module generates th following entry points:

- populate_x10_db: When using this module from the django-hautomation apps, it is
necesary to populate the database with the protocol X10 information. This is the aim
of this entry point
- pl_switch: entry point to help find power line switch command to developers
- pl_dim: entry point to help find power line dim command to developers
- pl_bri: entry point to help find power line bright command to developers  
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