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hg_delivery 1.0.5

HgDelivery is an easy way to deliver products for Mercurial and Git with a built in push/pull server, as well as repositories comparison

A one-click deployment tool written in python with pyramid web framework

current release : v_1_0

Global overview

hg_delivery is a web application who aims to simplify the delivery of small projects and helping people to quickly revert to a previous stable release if something’s wrong. This project targets people bothered by command line, looking for a nice and simple web interface, able to manage multiple remote repositories.

inspired from :

features list :

  • remote repository access ssh only
  • add/delete/edit project items
  • clip project on dashboard
  • display remote project summarize (last commit, current revision …)
  • display the state of repository
  • update to a specific revision for remote repository
  • one/one repository compare
  • pushing or pulling on/from a remote repository
  • add additional task when updating a repository (useful for flushing the cache or for gracefull apache)
  • responsive design (thanks to bootstrap)
  • a scheduler is available to close ssh pool connection if none are used, it leaves clean connections, thx to pyramid-scheduler
  • a diff viewer or merge style thx to mergely
  • you can also create macros, and create in one single button a simple way to push to all. That way you can push to all acceptance platform or simply push all your commits to all your nodes.
  • some project may be removed from scope automation. This can be defined in project configuration (useful if some nodes are declared but stage as draft)

Made for what ?

hg_delivery has been designed to simplify developper daily work.

  • If you developp php application, this can be useful to deliver your project (no reload expected)
  • In fact any other webapps made with other languages is suitable too.
  • If you need fine grain delivery and or immediate rollback
  • If you whish to manage external repository and change branch one a click


Copyright (C) 2014 Stéphane Bard <>

hg_delivery is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the M.I.T License. The original author name should always be reminded as the original author.

Getting Started


please use production.ini file for production purpose :)

Sample usage

Howto Install

  • on linux take care that libffi and libffi-dev is installed other why paramiko installer will just crash without a clear understanding

first install python 3.5 or above on your system

sudo apt-get install python

then make a virtual env

pyvenv3.5 venv_delivery

on debian or ubuntu system sudo apt-get install libffi libffi-dev

on redhat system yum install libffi libffi-devel

source ./venv_delivery/bin/activate python develop


  • v_0_1 :
    • first True release
    • known bug : cannot push/pull with another password than current node
  • v_0_2 :
    • casperjs use
    • known bug : cannot push/pull with another password than current node
  • v_0_3 :
    • fix bug with node password when push or pull
  • v_0_4 :
    • bug and typo fixes
  • v_0_5 :
    • add task feature with acl control
  • v_0_7 :
    • reuse logs to display delivery date
    • pypi delivery
  • v_0_8 :
    • add thread to handle multiple push or update in a single request
    • various bugfixes
  • v_0_9 :
    • macros system (raw way to define them)
    • user can also filter repository he didn’t want to scan
    • administrator may finely define ACL per user
    • logs will now inherit from user and give better precision
    • mercurial 3.8 template syntax fix (jsonescape vs json)
    • bugfix : ACL might be uncorrectly used on previous release
    • test evolve as usual
    • add an sql_log_change.txt file to explain change from 0.8 to 0.9 (don’t have any better mecanism actually (comparing version could be a good start))
  • v_1_0 :
    • attach projects to a group. redefine navigation with groups.


  • Initial version
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
hg_delivery-1.0.5.tar.gz (md5) Source 2017-03-05 382KB