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hindsight 0.1.7

Python tools for Hindsight Software

This client provides access to Behave for Jira in a Python environment. It uses a HTTP GET call to download a compressed stream containing the feature files for the specified project, and then unzips the features into the specified directory.


If using pip, simply:

pip install hindsight

If installing manually, grab the tarball below and extract to a temporary directory. Make sure the requests package is installed and available, and then run:

python install

from inside the temporary directory


Within a script:

#!/usr/bin/env python

from hindsight.behave import JiraConnector

b4j = JiraConnector()

This take mandatory arguments host and key, and the rest are optional.

Or the same request from the command line (if you installed via pip):

behave-cli -u behaver -p atdd4me -d features -m http://localhost:2990/jira PROJ

Taking the form:

behave-cli [-u USERNAME] [-p PASSWORD] [-d DIR] [-m] [--verify] HOST KEY

Field descriptions:

host:      the host URL to the Jira installation running Behave for Jira
username:  username of user with Behave rights on desired project
password:  password for this user
key:       project key to download features for
dir:       directory relative to the script to download features to
           (can also use absolute path)
manual:    flag to include scenarios tagged with manual in the download
verify:    flag to indicate whether to verify the SSL certificate if connecting over SSL
           (only applicable to CA certificates - self signed certificates cannot be verified)

More info

Please see the guide at

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