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hmf 1.2.0

A halo mass function calculator

Latest Version: 1.4.6


hmf is a python application that provides a flexible and simple way to calculate the
Halo Mass Function for any input cosmology, redshift, dark matter model, virial
overdensity or several other variables. Addition of further variables should be simple.

It is also the backend to HMFcalc, the online hmf calculator at

---- Install Requirements ------
1. Install Python
2. Install numpy, scipy, scitools,cosmolopy (easiest way is to pip install)
3. Install pycamb:
        >>> cd <Directory that pycamb source will live in>
        >>> git clone
        >>> cd pycamb
        >>> [sudo] python install

---- Install hmf --------------
    >>> pip install hmf

hmf can be used interactively (for instance in ipython) or in a script.
To use interactively, in ipython do something like the following:

>>> from hmf import Perturbations
>>> pert = Perturbations()
>>> mass_func = pert.dndlnm
>>> mass_variance = pert.sigma
>>> ...

This will return a Sheth-Tormen mass function between 10^10 and 10^15 M_sun, at redshift 0
for a default cosmology. Cosmological parameters may be passed to the initialiser, Perturbations()

To change the parameters (cosmological or otherwise), one should use the update() method,
if a Perturbations() object already exists. For example
 >>> pert = Perturbations()
 >>> pert.update(omegab = 0.05,z=10) #update baryon density and redshift
 >>> cumulative_mass_func = pert.ngtm

Check the docstring of Perturbations() for all arguments allowed.

1.1.10- October 29, 2013
                Fixed bug in mltm property
                Better updating -- checks if update value is actually different.
                Now performs a check to see if mass range is inside fit range.

1.1.9 - October 4, 2013
                Fixed some issues with n(<m) and M(<m) causing them to give NaN's

1.1.85- October 2, 2013
                The normalization of the power spectrum now saved as an attribute (mostly
                for use with the hod package... coming soon ;)

1.1.8 - September 19, 2013
                Fixed small bug in SMT function which made it crash

1.1.7 - September 19, 2013
                Updated "ST" fit to "SMT" fit to avoid confusion. "ST" is still available for now.
                Now uses trapezoid rule for integration as it is faster.

1.1.6 - September 05, 2013
                Modified comments to reflect parameters
                Couple of bugfixes for
                Included an option to use delta_halo as compared to critical rather than mean density (thanks to A. Vikhlinin and anonymous referree)
                Fixed mass range of Tinker (thanks to J. Tinker and anonymous referee for this)

1.1.5 - September 03, 2013
                Fixed bug in mgtm (thanks to J. Mirocha)
                Fixed an embarrassing error in Reed07 fitting function
                Fixed a bug in which dndlnm and its dependents (ngtm, etc..) were calculated wrong
                if dndlog10m was called first.
                Added a whole suite of tests against genmf that actually work
                Fixed error in which for some choices of M, the whole extension in ngtm would be NAN and give error

1.1.4 - August 27, 2013
                Added ability to change resolution in CAMB from hmf interface
                (This requires a re-install of pycamb to the newest version on the fork)

1.1.3 - August 7, 2013
                Added Behroozi Fit (thanks to P. Behroozi)

1.1.2 - July 02, 2013
                Ability to calculate fitting functions to whatever mass you want (BEWARE!!)
                Small bugfix

1.1.1 - July 02, 2013
                Corrections to Watson fitting function from latest update on arXiv (thanks to W. Watson)
                ** Fixed units for k and transfer function ** (Thanks to A. Knebe)
                Improved docstring for Perturbations class
                Added Eisenstein-Hu fit to the transfer function

1.1.0 - June 27, 2013
                Massive overhaul of structure
                Now dependencies are tracked throughout the program, making updates even faster

1.0.10- June 24, 2013
                Added dependence on Delta_vir to Tinker

1.0.9 - June 19, 2013
                Fixed an error with an extra ln(10) in the mass function (quoted as dn/dlnM but actually outputting dn/dlog10M)

1.0.8 - June 19, 2013
                Took out log10 from cumulative mass functions
                Better cumulative mass function logic

1.0.6 - June 19, 2013
                Fixed cumulative mass functions (extra factor of M was in there)

1.0.4 - June 6, 2013
                Added Bhattacharya fitting function
                Fixed concatenation of list and dict issue

1.0.2 - May 21, 2013
                Fixed some warnings for non-updated variables passed to update()

1.0.1 - May 20, 2013
                Added better warnings for non-updated variables passed to update()
                Made default cosmology WMAP7

0.9.99- May 10, 2013
                Added warning for k*R limits
                Couple of minor bugfixes
                **Important** Angulo fitting function corrected (arXiv version had a typo).

0.9.97- April 15, 2013
                Urgent Bugfix for updating cosmology (for transfer functions)

0.9.96- April 11, 2013
                Few bugfixes

0.9.95- April 09, 2013
                Added cascading variable changes for optimization
                Added this README
                Added update() function to simply change parameters using cascading approach

0.9.9 - April 08, 2013
        First version in its own package
        Added pycamb integration
        Removed fitting function from being a class variable
        Removed overdensity form being a class variable

0.9.7 - March 18, 2013
        Modified set_z() so it only does calculations necessary when z changes
        Made calculation of dlnsdlnM in init since it is same for all z
        Removed mean density redshift dependence

0.9.5 - March 10, 2013
        The class has been in the works for almost a year now, but it currently
        will calculate a mass function based on any of several fitting functions.
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