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horizon-sensu-dashboard 0.0.6

Horizon panels integrating Sensu monitoring and Known Error Database

Horizon Monitoring Dashboard

Sensu dashboard as Horizon plugin.

Allows list events from multi Sensu APIs aka Uchiwa datacenters.

Known Error Database as optional service provide store for your errors and workarounds.

Monitoring, issues and solutions in one dashboard.


This plugin provide Monitoring dashboard with these panels

  • Current Events
  • Event Stahes
  • Service Checks
  • Aggregations
  • Monitored Clients
  • Monitoring Status

optionaly with configured KEDB is there two additional panels

  • Known Errors
  • Workarounds

Installation notes


  • Openstack Horizon
  • Sensu API >= 0.16.0
  • KEDB is optional
pip install horizon-sensu-dashboard

Configuration Sensu

  • add ‘horizon_monitoring’ to INSTALLED_APPS tuple
  • add ‘monitoring’ to ‘dashboards’ key in HORIZON_CONFIG
  • and config for your Sensu API

for more Sensu APIs write this

    'DC1': {'host': ''},
    'DC2': {'host': '', 'port': 9999, 'icon': 'fa fa-cloud'},

for custom check filter you could write this

def check_filter(check):
    return ":".join(check['name'].split("_")[1:-1])

SENSU_CHECK_FILTER = check_filter

this filter is applied on check in event view, default returns check name.

Configuration KEDB

if you are using service KEDB put this into your

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
horizon-sensu-dashboard-0.0.6.tar.gz (md5) Source 2015-05-04 317KB