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hostlists 0.7.94

A python library to obtain lists of hosts from various systems

Python module to generate lists of hosts from various sources that is extensible via plugins.


hostlists has 2 components:

  • hostlists - This module handles hostlist expansion
  • hostlists_plugins - This module contains plugins that allow hostlists to get lists of hosts from various backend systems.


  • dnspython (BSD License) This python module is used for the dns plugins to perform host expansion based on dns.


The hostlists module provides a python module to do host expansion within python programs. It also provides a command line utility to allow usage from the command line.

Creating Hostlists backend plugins


Command Line Examples

Expand a list of hosts from round robin dns using the dns plugin

$ hostlists, pb-in-f[103-106],

Multiple hosts, ranges and plugins can be passed for a single hostlists

$ hostlists, poodle[10-20,23], pb-in-f[103-106],, poodle[10-20],
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